Service platforms

Technology is only the way, performance is the real name of the party. At Mutant, we Combine/blend multiple customer service technologies and develop connectors that guarantee smooth operation and the best customer experience.

-> Contextual routing of calls and contacts

-> Improvement of most operational KPIs

-> Greater scalability and less obsolescence

-> 100% Cloud Based

Omnichannel platforms

Omnichannel is a difficult word for a simple concept: bringing together multiple service channels to offer a seamless experience to the customer, who chooses how and when he wants to be served. Using a good Omnichannel platform allows companies to have greater control over the customer journey, unifying information and obtaining greater collaboration from each channel in their final experience.

Pioneers in the implementation of Omnichannel service channels, we are Gold partners of Genesys in Latin America and we have the Premiun Partnership recognition from brands such as Zendesk, Nice, Google and Facebook with the WhatsApp Business API solution.

Whatsapp API

For your client to love you, start serving through the channel that he loves. We are the largest WhatsApp unifier in the world.

We have our own connectors for the main omnichannel platforms and we also offer front end, automation by bots and systems adaptable to your attention.


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