Win Back

Our solution aims to transform the customers journey, with a seamless service, we offer an a cohesive and collaborative experience, so that at the moment of difficulty consumers can have the possibility of renegotiating their debt, easily, quickly and intelligently..

Mutant has arrived to transform the e-billing traditional and digital market

Collaborative model

A client centric communication model and the prevention of reputational risks including customers in debt in the customer journey, offering them a digital collaborative and differentiated experience so that at the moment of difficulty they can have the possibility of renegotiating their debt.

Omnichannel Experience

Customizable and scalable service bringing the best experience to customers and the lowest cost of collection. Combination of contact and billing channels. Tools for ruler manangement and collection journey, which allow managing interaction with customers in debt, from prevention to collection in PDD (provision for bad debits).

Dynamic Negotiation

Cohesive journey with a trading portal with multiple payment options and felixibility. Collaborative renegotiation supported by reshape of products renegotiation and the accumulation of new negotiation techniques. Use of artificial intelligence to customize negotiation (timing, channel and ideal offer).

Partnerships with Fintechs

Making it easier and possible for clients in debt to obtain credit to pay their debt.

We count on a team of market specialists for the strategic and advisory management of our clients’ collection journey. With agile and digital mindset, we use technology to promote the best experience, always delivering the best performance, without leaving aside the reputation of your brand and your clients’ satisfaction.

Strategic solution for cost reduction

Immersion in the customer scenario

Throughout understanding of clients needs:

  • Main challenges
  • Profile Analysis, History and Relationship
  • Technologies/Channels
  • Setting Goals & KPI

Implementation/collection journey operationalization

Strategy definition, intelligence and offer policy:

  • Segmentation filters
  • Events contextualization
  • Test and Control Groups
  • Connection of micro-moments

Continuous Improvement Cycle

Data collection and analysis to generate process improvement insights. Managerial dashboard with counter offers segmented by region, gender, age/social class, etc.

  • Portfolio
  • Experience
  • Performance Indicators
  • Channels


  • Up to 30% reduction in up to 90 days’ client in debts

  • Reduction between 20-40% of collection costs

  • Humanizing collection and increasing payer satisfaction

  • 24/7 service on several channels

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