Sales Performance

We have expertise in data and technology-oriented marketing to create, operate and accelerate customer acquisition and conversion journeys in the digital environment.

Transforming experiences and improving results

We put the customer at the heart of strategy to offer unique experiences and optimize your brand’s sales performance.

Increase sales without losing efficiency

We combine proprietary technology and process innovation to generate sales scale in digital channels with greater efficiency.

Transform data into valuable information to solve business problems and generate results

Governance application and data engineering solution to create a true data driven business model.

Optimize the outcome of digital channels and test hypotheses without depending on further media investments

We unite acquisition strategy (brand channel management and customer journey) with solutions based on technology and CRO techniques.

Knowing the entire customer’s journey, his point of view and his pains

We carry out quantitative and qualitative research to understand customer’s profile and build up an end-to-end customer journey. In addition, we apply UX/UI techniques to optimize digital products and services.

Our expertise in understanding consumer behavior had enabled us to perform an end-to-end digital sales journey management. Our operation is executed by data-oriented and multiciplinary teams working seamlessly together to design coherent solutions throughout the entire project´s delivery journey from immersive phase up to planning and campaign release as well as to the monitoring of sales and results.

Strategic and not only operational partnership

We are not an operational partner. We take risk with our customers because we believe in our ability to deliver more and better results for your business.

Immersion in the customer scenario

Throughout understanding of customer’s needs.

  • Processes
  • Scenarios
  • Technologies
  • Conversion rates
  • Main Challenges

Implementation / purchase journey operationalization

We design the best shopping experience for the customer, combining experience and sales results.

  • Landing pages
  • Data and integration
  • Automation clusters/rulers
  • Paid Media
  • Digital channel configuration
  • SEO
  • CRO

Management / Performance

Continuous Improvement Cycle. Data collection and analysis to generate insights and improve processes.

“I believe that our partnership will last for many years to come, because in a short time we have already brought several achievements.”

Thaise Pimentel, Manager of Direct and Online Sales at Estácio
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